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Drop-in Classes: mambo/salsa on2, yoga, Special Programs: 2 Week Choreo Course, Intensive Dance Training, more!

SAN FRANCISCO: Summer Immersive

San Francisco July 29 - August 12

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Coming to San Francisco! Natasha Tia's Immersive Dance Program October 9th thru October 23rd, 2021. Styles of dance Natasha will offer while in San Francisco are footwork-based mambo/salsa on2 and yoga. Additionally, Natasha will offer specialized programs. Please see below to learn more about the schedule, program offerings, and rates. 

Special Add On Programs: 

October 10th 

Foundation for Intermediate Dancers 

Location: Sol Hot Yoga & Movement, 910 Columbus Ave San Francisco, CA 94133 

Take a deeper look at your core body mechanics and learn the tools you need to retrain bad habits, get out of your head and feel free while dancing. Rediscover your basic step and apply the mechanics learned to your favorite Intermediate steps. 

Sunday, October 10th: 

4:30pm: Back to the Bones 

5:30pm: Rediscover your Basic Step 

6:30pm: Mambo Combo

October 11 & 18 

Choreography Challenge: 'Escaramujo'

 Location: Sol Hot Yoga & Movement, 910 Columbus Ave San Francisco, CA 94133 

Through learning choreography created by Natasha Tia you will have the opportunity to learn her philosophies on becoming a well rounded dancer and gain an understanding of the technique it takes to move with ease & control. You will receive the choreography via video before our in person rehearsals to help give you a head start. We will have two, 2.5 hour rehearsals before the recording day. Recording day will likely be a half day commitment. 


Sunday, Oct 3: Deliver instructional video on your student dashboard

Monday's, Oct 11 & 18: 8-10:30pm - In-person rehearsals with Natasha at Sol Hot Yoga & Movement 

Oct 22 or 23: Recording Day TBC 

October 22nd 

A Friday Affair 

Location: Dance Mission Theatre, 3316 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110 

Proof of Vaccination at the door is Mandatory 

For Performers: Congress Prep Lecture & Workshop 

6-7:30pm: As congresses re-emerge slowly it's important to stay on top of managing long hours of activity, low hours of sleep, and strange eating schedules. Have the opportunity to hear and ask about sustainable habits, mental exercises, physical practices, and other congress hacks from Natasha. 

Choreo & Kickback Mixer


This 3 hour event is a whole vibe. Natasha is teaching two of her combos in a unique setting for the first time in San Francisco. At 9:30pm anyone and everyone is welcome to come kickback in a casual community theatre setting and cheer for the dancers while they run the dances they learned in small groups and one-by-ones for the camera. Mini social to finish off the night. Ticket varieties in the tickets section. 

7:30-8:30pm: Choreo 1: 'Do I Move You?' 

8:30-9:30pm: Choreo 2: 'No Me Lloras Mas' 

9:30-10:15pm: Kickback in a casual community theatre setting and cheer for the dancers while they run the dances they learned in small groups and one-by-ones for the camera. Mini social to finish off the night. 

Drop in-Classes

Location: Sol Hot Yoga & Movement, 910 Columbus Ave San Francisco, CA 94133 

Sunday, Oct 10: 

2pm: Partnerwork Foundation & Technique (w/ Joshua Barbosa) 

3pm: Intermediate / Advanced Partnerwork 

Monday's, Oct 11 & 18 

6pm: Workout + Flow 

7pm: Int./ Advanced Mambo 

Wednesday's, Oct 13 & 20 

6pm: Spins & Turn Technique 

7pm: Adv./ Beginner Mambo 

OUTDOOR @ Crane Cove Park 

Thursday, Oct 14: 

5:30pm: Yoga 

6:30pm: Mambo Jam with Friends 

Pass Options: 

Starter Pass: $35 

The Starter knows they want to start by taking just a couple of drop in classes with Natasha. They like the idea of taking more classes, but just aren’t ready to commit to more. Don’t worry! There are plenty of add-on options for the starters who want to keep it going. 

The Starter Will Get Access To: 

Any 2 footwork classes 

Enthusiast Pass: $78 

An Enthusiast loves to dance, and gets excited about learning new dance moves. But, an enthusiast might also have other things they’re enthusiastic about and like to split their time up between many things . This pass is perfect for an enthusiast. Get a few drop in passes then pick and choose which classes you’re enthusiastic about, and when you’re available to take them. Then come to our social and practice your new moves on the dance floor! 

The Enthusiast Will Get Access To: 

Any 4 footwork classes 

Entrance to the social 

Well Rounded Pass: $167 

Well Rounded Dancers are enthusiasts who want to build a deeper sense of body awareness and mental freedom through continued training. Well Rounded Dancers take classes that force them to explore their edge, whether that’s through performing or intensive explorations, which ultimately leads them to a sense of freedom and self expression when dancing. This pass gives dancers access to drop in classes, and one special program. 

The Well Rounded Dancer Will Get Access To: 

6 footwork classes 

Pick One Special Program: 

- Choreography Challenge

- Foundation for Intermediate Dancers 

All In - All Everything Pass: $284 

For Well Rounded Enthusiasts who want to take any and every opportunity to train with Natasha to take their dancing to the next level. Participate in any drop-in class, choreography challenge, foundations workshop, kickback event, and the social. 

The All In Will Get Access To: 

Any and all drop-in classes

 Choreography Challenge Foundation for Intermediate Dancers 

Choreo & Kickback Entrance to the Social 


What is Mambo Jam? Mambo Jam is, in very few  words, a footwork jam and practice session led by Natasha Tia. In this class format you will get your brain functioning in a unique way to accomplish the same goal, learn to dance the Mambo! Most importantly, ease into letting go of expectations and start discovering your personal flow within the music, and the energy of the room.Come have fun and practice your steps with me! 

What Is Vinyasa Yoga? A Vinyasa yoga practice connects individual poses or “asanas” with deep breaths or “pranayama” in a series of flowing sequences of movement. Designed to progressively open the body, each sequence in a Vinyasa yoga class builds upon the previous, evolving into deeper, more advanced postures as the practice unfolds.