About Natasha

Natasha Tia is an internationally recognized Salsa dancer, and is described as fluid, graceful, classy, playful, sensual & jazzy. She “spins like a top,” by fusing her over 20 years of classical and commercial dance technique training into her salsa dancing practice. Natasha started dancing at age 2 and spent her youth training in jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap, ballet, etc., oftentimes earning lead dancer on her youth Competition Teams. At age 14, Natasha’s passion for Latin dances like salsa, mambo and cha-cha-cha sparked. In a 17 year span of time Miss Tia has built a respectable name for herself within the Salsa industry on an international level with her professionalism, strong technique, and energetic quality. 

Over the last 6 years, Natasha has continued to innovate her personal style, teaching workshops as a soloist at multiple special events around the nation, she built a community of over 60 women in San Francisco who support and empower one another through training and performing mambo dance together. She has traveled nationally and internationally as a principal dancer on the prestigious Yamulee Dance Company in New York City, as well as with the internationally known and loved Karel Flores. 

Since the pandemic of 2020, the launch of Natasha Tia Studio online platform comes with excitement and eagerness to share her passion for creating well rounded dancers around the world while innovating education practices within her industry through these changing times. Her online monthly membership encompasses promoting and advocating for emotional, physical, cognitive and social well being in an accessible, bite-sized manner through online fitness, stretch and latin dance classes of all levels. She continues to direct KFSF remotely, keeping the values of the community strong, like inclusivity, empowerment, and team commitment. 

Natasha currently resides in San Diego, CA, and is actively offering in-person workout+flow, mindful-stretch, and latin dance classes; all of which are online hybrid classes, accessible to anyone around the world through her online dance studio, Natasha Tia Studio.

Tasha has transformed how salsa instruction is delivered and has brought professionalism into the salsa world


EN: I have been in Tasha's dance team for 5.5 seasons now and have taken several private lessons and group classes in the last 3 years. Tasha has transformed how salsa instruction is delivered and has brought professionalism into the salsa world. She has the ability to cater to each student's individual learning style. She has this unique ability to make her teaching environment a safe place for focused self-development. And really, don't get me started on organization! She is the most organized salsa dance teacher in the world! Thanks to her I am able to manage my work, schooling, and dance at the same time because she provides clear expectations on the time commitment. I can't recommend her enough! I hope you all get to learn from her <3

I really appreciate how Natasha personalizes her teaching to the needs of her students


I really appreciate how Natasha personalizes her teaching to the needs of her students. She has taken the time to understand my dance goals and recognize what areas I struggle with in order to fit my needs. Natasha’s teaching style is easy to follow, and she uses her extensive dance background to break down complex concepts so they are clear to understand. She pushes me hard in class while still creating a positive and respectful environment, allowing me to get the most out of every lesson. Natasha’s experience as a dance instructor and her ability to create a supportive dance community has allowed me to see significant improvement in my dancing in a short period of time, and has changed my perspective on learning to dance for the better. I highly recommend trying her classes if you want to see real growth in your dancing!

Natasha is truly a gifted teacher


Natasha is truly a gifted teacher. I took a series of privates with her in order to help with my body movement in general, and also to help me with a choreography I am learning on her KFSF team. She is able to keenly pick up on the areas in my body that are “stuck”. She is like a dance psychic, honestly! She is able to offer creative ways to explore the mechanics of weight shifting through salsa dance movement to help me better understand how the dance should feel in my own body. Also, I’ve had many challenges within the choreography, and she would pick up on these parts instantaneously and offer up feedback and solutions. I have gained so much more confidence in my dancing after working with Natasha. She is a pro at what she does, and I love her direct, kind, creative, fun, and thoughtful way of teaching!

I’d like to drop a few words here for Natasha Tia


I’d like to drop a few words here for Natasha Tia, my incredible Karel Flores San Francisco (KFSF) director and teacher! I’ve been learning from her for 6 seasons now and it continues to be an inspiring and growing experience. Natasha is a tremendously skilled dancer, performer and an amazing teacher. She really knows how to break down the movement so that we can follow and understand every nuance in it. Natasha is always organized and professional and she instills these values in the teams that she leads. She is also very funny with a sweet personality. It’s a delight to watch her imitate how we sometimes interpret the movement, not quite the way it was intended to be :). I am so looking forward to learning from her for years to come!

I joined Natasha’s Karel Flores San Francisco team two years ago


I joined Natasha’s Karel Flores San Francisco team two years ago, and I have never worked with a coach who is so dedicated to her students. The energy she brings to her classes will inspire you and push you to achieve your dance goals. She uses her diverse background to bring a unique perspective to her classes and thinks outside of the box teach her students in a way that is easy to understand. I feel that I have improved as a dancer after every class, and look forward to the next one. Natasha is such an amazing and inspiring dance teacher and professional, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their dancing.

En Español


He estado en el equipo de baile de Tasha por 5.5 temporadas, he tomado varias clases privadas, y clases grupales por ya tres años. Tasha a transformado y profesionalizó la forma en que se enseña el baile de la salsa. Ella tiene una habilidad única de enseñar a cada diferente estilo de aprendimiento. Ella crea un ambiente abierto de aprendizaje sin juicio para permitir que cada uno de sus estudiantes pueda crecer en el baile. Y en realidad, es muy organizada. Gracias a ella he podido trabajar, estudiar y bailar al mismo tiempo porque ella te explica el compromiso requerido de cada curso. Espero que todos puedan aprender de ella porque ella es una increíble maestra!


Natasha is one of my favorite instructors of all time! She really takes the time and care to teach you body awareness and positioning in everything she does, from stretches and workouts to specific dance technique. Everytime I go into her class I'm excited, and everytime I am done with her class I feel an accomplished exhaustion! She has sculpted my dancing (and my bum) to what I am proud of today! =D Highly recommend!